Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Aging, Music, and My Generation.

I was not too sure where to put this post, aging, or music. Either way it was too fabulous to let it slide past without sharing it with all my aging friends, all my music friends and all of my whatever else you are friends.

If you have ever read any of my posts about anything you know I love life, and all its ghastly, glorious, inconsistencies. If you have never read any of them* well I love life and all of its strangeness and ridiculousness.

But, this video is what I would call a two for one deal. It is one of my favorite songs performed in a way that makes me so happy. Plus it has an unusual twist, so I guess that makes it a three for one bargain.

Anyway check it out.

So, it is My Generation, performed by my generation.** It is almost too good to be true. And these old people really rock. I raise my coffee cup and give them a toast.

And here, as a bonus is a fabulous graphic with my face. Aren't you lucky!

*You should read them all, and buy stuff that you see advertised

** OK they are a little older than me, but this is what they call license, right?

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