Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Growing Old? No, Time to Start Living!

Life is kind of odd these days. It is one thing after another, change, evolution, progress. Mountains of new piling up, and it can be a little intimidating. But, it can also be refreshing, exhilarating, fun, and life changing. Aging is best done moving forward.

Technology is getting more accessible and easier with every incarnation. Take advantage of that. Voice recognition makes sending a text as easy as pushing a button, talking into a phone, and saying "ok." A friend told me "I am not going to talk to my phone." Why not, are you afraid you will look silly? Who cares, life is a game, and if you have lived this long you are definitely winning. Besides standing there, for an eternity, trying to tap out a simple message pretty much screams "HEY, LOOK AT ME, I'M OLD!" Embrace change, learn everything you can about how they are improving things, and take advantage of every opportunity. There are many rewards to expanding your world through the world wide web.

With this new technology find new friends, new interests, new hobbies. Join Facebook, start a blog, get active in forums or groups that interest you. I have more friends now than ever in my life, and most of them I have never met. They are scattered from New York, to New Hampshire, to Germany, to Great Britain, to Kuwait, New Zealand, India, all over the place. It has made me a better person, it has made me understand there are more things that unite us than anybody in power wants to admit. And it should be shouted from the mountain.

A healthy diet is the best place to start your battle against the ravages of time. Living this long has taken a toll, sure, but there is no reason to let age win. Eating a healthy diet, high in fiber, will provide numerous health benefits to get through each day. Here is a handy chart explaining the many benefits of eating a high fiber diet.

Make a point to exercise. Don't tell yourself your back is sore, or your knees hurt, or you are too tired. Just get up, get moving. The best remedy for most ailments is activity. At first you will try to talk yourself into being more sedentary, but after a few weeks you will start looking forward to the experience. It becomes a reward. Exercise is the key to living better.

Look, aging is a little scary, but it is a reward for living. Treat yourself with the respect you deserve. You can either accept the cruel punishments of time, or you can stand up, walk away from the inertia of aging and kick the livin' crap out of stereotypes, it is up to you. I think we both know what the best choice is. See you at the gym!

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