Friday, March 25, 2016

All Right Life, its You and Me in a Cosmic Game of Go Fish #FixThePlus!

"People try to put us down
Just because we get around."

The Who, My Generation.

We probably don't get around as well as we used to, and certainly don't look as good in bell bottoms and ponytails.* And, we are more careful about what we eat. But slowing down is not stopping.

I still feel the power of life burning inside. Waking up, and clawing my way to my first cup is still easy enough. The day is waiting for me, and it is mine to take, or leave as I see fit. 

Occasionally regret will cloud the landscape, but that serves to remind, think things through, mistakes, once made, can not be unmade. Use your mind to make your way instead of repair it.  My past was a gas, I had a lot of fun, a lot. But, that is the ancient history, and reckless days are better left there. It is the future that excites me. 

Somehow, it seems, and maybe this is naivete slipping through the granite like facade, my best days lie ahead. There are many things to accomplish, many victories to claim. 

Aging is fine, giving up is not. So what if the president, and my doctor are younger. It doesn't matter, there are still mountains to climb, metaphorically speaking of course. Climbing mountains is for those brave foolish souls who don't want to get to this age.

John Paul Jones said "I have not yet begun to fight." And though fighting is dangerous, I am still doing my damnedest to wrestle life to a draw, still feeling good about things. I am still a "screaming diz buster."** I am still playing by my rules, though now the rules involve more sleeping and a lot more vegetables, along with trips to the gym, and drinking a lot of water.  Take that home with you Life.

We are not the older generation, we are the better generation. Who's with me?

* I never looked good with a pony tail. I have the worlds worst toupee, and it is my own hair. It is thick, filled with knots and recalcitrant. It does what it wants, which is never what I want. But I did look good in bell bottoms. No, I looked ridiculous, but was too young to know.

**Whatever the hell that is.

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