Monday, November 21, 2016

Living, aging, and cursing about it.

Aging is a funny thingšŸ‘“. Not the kind of funny thing that makes you laugh. the funny that makes you sigh. Years of hard work, and toil, all to reach old age. Modern medicine helps us live longer, and longer, at hideous expense. And here is the crazy part, the real cost is not in monetary terms, it is the dignity surrendered. 

I was at breakfast with some people who were right around my age, maybe a little older, but the relative age is not important. What is important is; we were sitting around discussing arthritis, invasive, humiliating medical procedures, and the cost of prescriptions. And we all had very strong opinions on each. And a generous amount of experience to have formed those opinions.

We were at a local veterans organization. they have a breakfast deal that can not be beat. And it was filled with people our age or older. And it struck me how, while still vibrant, working and enjoying life, how many procedures had been foisted upon these people.

Many of these people had labored all their life, carrying bricks, or pouring concrete, stocking grocery shelves, or driving trucks. Now every checkup is a roll of the dice. I am all for living longer, and death terrifies me, I salute Heller's Dunbar who planned "to live forever or die in the attempt."  

Now my knee is sore, it stiffens when I sit too long, but I am too afraid to call the doctor. What if he finds something awful. Even if he doesn't there will be tests, and lectures and blood pressure cuffs, and all the ailments of getting older. Dammit!!! 

And this guy is like a kid, wearing some sort of skater shoes, and whatever else kids are wearing these days. While I am on my way to support stockings and a knee brace, if I'm lucky enough to keep my leg. Oh life, why are you such a miserable companion?

Well, I sure feel better now. Thanks, you are the greatest.

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