Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Caution, Preachy Advice Ahead. It is what old people do.

Everything old is new again. Great but it does not really apply to people. We age, and then we age some more, and it just doesn't get any easier. At some point we have to decide that aging is going to win, it always does, but we are not going to go without a fight. We will "not go gentle into that good night."*

Whatever you have to do should become second nature. Eating healthier is the best place to start. My diet follows this profound advice.  I eat vegetables with every meal. Sometimes for lunch I will just bring a can of diced tomatoes, throw in a little salsa, some pepper, and I am good for the whole afternoon. It is so easy, which makes it perfect for a simpleton like me. There are so many options, though, just find one and follow it.

Exercise, start small, and go. I follow this blog, and its accompanying You Tube Channel. And it has put me over the top. Jeremy Crow is very helpful, and will patiently answer questions to  help get you started. In fact, I recently joined a real gym, and got four free sessions with a personal trainer, and found out from following his instructions I had "perfect form," and was "doing everything right." It is a valuable resource, and sometimes it is pretty darned funny, too.  Anything you choose to do is good, just choose something and start.

Walk past the elevator and take the stairs. Elevators are filled with people who are too lazy to walk up a couple of flights of steps. Don't fall in with them. Blaze a trail, take the stairs, Make that your motto.

Drink water, it is cheap, delicious, and the healthiest drink ever invented. Add some ice, drink it down, you will be happy you did. Of course, don't forget a cup of coffee, and tea occasionally, those are so good for you. Moderation is the key, but a little is great.

Make living better your goal. If you smoke quit, if you drink, well I drink so if you want advice about that you need to go somewhere else. A little bourbon on the rocks is a gift from the heavens, moderation is everything, though.

Don't fret about living longer, fight to live better. We are all working for the same thing. If you have any tips I would love to hear them.  Thank you, all my youthful, exuberant friends, no matter the years you have collected.

*Thank you, Dylan Thomas.

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