Saturday, October 31, 2015

Aging, several different views.

Getting older is not easy. You slow down a little, things hurt more, and the pain last longer. Grey hair is wiry, difficult to control, and starts to grow in places that you don't expect. You start to worry about little things, and these little annoyances can wake you up in the night, which is ok, because things are starting to ache, and you should roll over, anyway. But, what is important is that you never grow too old to enjoy life.

Life is a myriad of experiences, and you have to get out and enjoy them. When I hit fifty I joined AARP. Why, who knows, who cares. It was a moment of pride, I made it to fifty, eat my dust you young punks. You should look this good when you get here. And you won't if you keep putting all of those holes in your head and tattoos all over your body. What the hell were you thinking anyway? Sorry, I got sidetracked there.

We should embrace our maturity, but not let it consume you. It should not drive you into an easy chair with a bag of chips, a bowl of dip, and a soda pop poured over big glass of ice, binge watching weeks worth of River Monsters, Monster Quest, and Monster stuff that I can't think of right now. But, if you are going to do that make sure you use both hands to lift the drink, you don't want to cramp. Fresh air and exercise is important, but expanding your consciousness and intellect through educational programming is important, too.

Take advantage of the cool fall days to get outside and recharge your batteries. Take a walk in a local park. It is an ideal time to see life in all the glory, from the annoying chirping, skittering wildlife to the irritating families walking through the area with the squeaking, squawking kids, and pets, and all that laughing, and smiling, and enjoying, and making a nuisance of themselves in the silent wonder of natural beauty... Maybe a park is not such a good idea for people our age.

This was all a little joke. Life is for living, and we have a lot of experience living it, we have lived the heck out of it. And we have a lot to share, don't let a few aches and pains stop you.

It is still a wonderful world and we are a vibrant, beautiful part of it. Let's get out there and live. I am heading out in the world today. I hope you are too. I will tell you about my day, and would love to hear about yours.

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