Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Another reality altering idea from Life Explained, well, not just life explained.

We here, at Life Explained, explains aging, are excited to announce a crowd funding campaign, give generously. Today we kick off the "Advanced Age Driver System."  We are collaborating with +maddyathome, a very smart person, to introduce this life saving device.* The Aging Driver Indicator Device."**

Essentially, it will be a blinking light attached to the side of the car.  When the aging driver starts the car he or she will push a lever, maybe it could be attached to the steering column, and a light will begin to blink.  It will blink, no matter which direction the wise driver intends to go, in the same fashion until the car is turned off. It might be wired to come on automatically, experienced, wise people have a lot on their minds and should not get mired in small details.

This signal can send a message to other drivers that the person operating the car is an seasoned, well experienced driver that feels no need to impress others by driving fast, or going the speed limit, or watching for other drivers.

As an additional precaution listen for the audio indicator, if they are singing along in off key accompaniment of a Little Richard song, maybe "Long Tall Sally," even screeching painfully through the high notes, and tapping their hands on the wheel when the guy starts wailing on the sax, until they are so wrapped up in the music they don't notice the light has turned green it is safe to figure they need to catch their breath, that guy could really sing fast.

Or, they might have forgot where they were headed. It might not be a bad idea to give them a gentle reminder.  Here is a list of possible suggestions (both good and bad) based on the time of day. Or they might have fallen asleep, is that so bad?

If you get behind someone with their life saving aging driver alert engaged give them a wide berth, and go around them. Remember, no matter where you are going, they have already been there, punk.

*When we say "collaborating", we mean "we stole the idea," and the legal department feels we can reduce the risk of a lawsuit if we give her prominent credit in the introduction.  And the footnote "Way to go Maddy!"

** If this post sounds remarkably like the last post it is because I am a little older.  What do you expect?

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