Sunday, September 27, 2015

Aging Gracelessly Is OK.

Most times I feel pretty young. Certainly not 56, which is my age. When I look in the mirror there  is an old man looking back. Every year is etched into the lines carved by a reality that I am not ready to face. So, we have made a deal, reality and I.

I will exercise more, eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water, switch from coffee to tea after a couple of cups, be a lot nicer to people and try to have a happier outlook.

In return I can still fixate on something, (Ghenghis Khan, for example) and spend hours researching, and discussing it.* Which brings up a point that can not be made often enough, there need to be more decent history podcasts. I have only managed to find a few really good series. I am going to make a list and put it on the The Tech Whacko Blog. And now you have something to anticipate, isn't that fortunate.

Also, for about three days, at some point midway between haircuts, the rapidly encroaching grey in my hair, and the remaining black reach harmony, and my hair looks great. I look in the mirror, and don't even notice the ancient face staring back at me, (whoever he is he follows me everywhere). All I see is this fabulous looking hair, it doesn't even need combed. It just arranges itself into perfection.  The rest of the time it morphs into the worst looking toupee in all of Ohio, and it isn't even a toupee.

Doctor Dawg smokin' hot thanks to Fused by Tiger Tree Apps.** 
Further, I still get to obsess over my latest photo manipulation app. By the way, I downloaded one this morning, so read about it soon, on the Tech Whacko Blog. Here, I should thank Stanley the Work Dog, who poses so well for pictures, and has really added a much needed boost to my blogging life.

Plus, I get to plan for my big kayak or canoe purchase. It is still up in the air which one it will be, but the decision making, the research, the terrible, overwhelming, crushing  analysis is where all the fun is, and it gives us something to talk about, and my wife loves that.

Getting older can be awful, the aches and pains of the years, coupled with the debilitating doubts of youth magnified by decades of decisions, and observance, take a toll.But if you go about it correctly, have a smart phone, a local gym and a decent library, and a dog friend at work, it ain't so bad.

Looking back over this miserable, self absorbed post now would be a good time to apologize, there are so many I's in this post, and I (there it is again) promised myself (I, me, myself, man what an egomaniac) that this wouldn't happen, but it did, and changing it now would be too much work, and it is time to switch to tea. So, please pretend this is about somebody else.

* I would like to thank my wife for years of enduring pointless drivel, recounted endlessly, in tiring, obsessive detail. You have been a true champ. And, to a lesser extent, my co-workers who listen, but not so patiently.

** While Tiger Tree Apps are great, and used often they would be that much better if they paid Life Explained a pittance for the endorsement.

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